We can install underfloor heating (UFH) to your bathroom to provide a solution to cold floor tiles; giving a subtle heat throughout the room. This system is particularly useful in wet rooms as it accelerates floor drying times. There are many controller options from LCD colour screens to app-controlled units which allow a fully customisable heat schedule. These systems are slim, thus creating minimal floor build-up.

We can install full wet underfloor heating systems (WUHS) throughout your property. These systems create an unrivalled heat dispersion throughout your home whilst freeing up valuable room space; without the need for bulky radiators. These systems have a central manifold which can be controlled via thermostats or app-controlled units. WUHS are ideally suited for new sub-floor installations though can be retrospectively installed using slim, composite boards.

WUHS are a cost-effective solution to heating, especially when coupled with air/ground source heat pumps. Take a look at our projects below to see what we can do for you.

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