Concrete in just 3mm

Avoid the thickness, weight and programming limitations of traditional concrete products with the innovative and functional Nuvolato Architop® system from Ideal Work
Architop emulates the aesthetic of deep-laid power-floated concrete with enhanced robustness making it a popular choice for restaurants, bars, shops, offices, and residential living spaces.





Urban Industrial

The Nuvolato Architop® system is applied manually then finished with a power trowel, this in turn produces the signature burnishing and cloudiness aesthetic, and improving the durability of a traditional concrete floor.
The significant advantages Nuvolato Architop® offer over power floated concrete are the varied colour choices and ease of programming. This makes it a popular addition to the portfolio of any professional high quality concrete installer.

Why Choose Architop?

Minimal Demolition

Can be applied over most existing surfaces without the need for them to be removed.

No joins

Can be applied seamlessly, without interuption, depending on the existing surface.

Minimal Depth

Minimal thickness means little change in existing level, enabling retention of existing skirting, door frames, etc.

Speed of laying

Fast application process
What is the style of Nuvolato Architop®?

Nuvolato Architop® has a style similar to power floated concrete, achieved by finishing it with a power trowel. It creates a deep laid look and is available in a selection of 31 colors. Custom colors can also be created using pigments.