As accessible bathroom specialists, we place great importance on positioning the customer at the centre of our solutions. We have created many disabled bathroom installations and we can work alongside occupational therapists to fully understand your needs and requirements.

Our specially designed accessible wet rooms also provide an easy-to-clean, contemporary and most importantly, a safe shower environment. We can design a bathroom to feature a wet room shower, walk-in bath or both. We also fit walk-in showers. These are similar to a wet room but are slightly raised due to a shower tray. This can be a good option for accessibility as the tray can be slip-resistant on the base, providing added safety without impacting aesthetics.

Floors may be finished with anti-slip vinyl for safety. Grab rails, seats, thermostatic shower controls and pulldown shower heads can all be added to make sure your bathroom accessibility needs are met.

Walk-in baths are also great for people who don’t want to be restricted to a shower, they are simple and easy to use. Walk-in baths look just like a normal bath but have a toughened glass door on the side where you gain access. This allows you to walk into the bathtub then fill it, instead of having to step in like you would a regular bathtub.

If you have seen a freestanding bathtub that you love but know you may struggle with its accessibility, we can add rails around the bathtub allowing you to grip onto them as you get in and out. We can make this stylish and fit your new bathrooms theme without standing out.

We at Opus Bathrooms can help you achieve independence in your own home.

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