Lustrous Elements

Purometallo® is an exclusive line of decorative coatings derived from metal powders. The range of colours and textures bring luxury and brilliance to any feature wall or furniture piece.
Available in a variety of metals from decadent Gold to rustic oxidised Iron, the use of Purometallo® transforms any space creating ambience and drama.





Make a Statement

Purometallo®’s striking, bespoke aesthetic sparks conversation and admiration, being only a few millimeters thick applications could include a decorative accent area, recess or niches or cover a feature wall to produce the most fantastic wow factor.
Creating an alluring metallic finish on almost any surface couldn’t be more achievable – from a gold effect metal feature wall to a copper shiny staircase that truly makes an impact.


Why Choose Purometallo®?

Authentic Effect

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Minimal Demolition

Can be applied over most existing surfaces without the need for them to be removed.


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Minimal Depth

Minimal thickness means little change in existing level, enabling retention of existing skirting, door frames, etc.