The World’s Most Versatile Concrete Finish

Microtopping® is a cementitious, layered, system that produces an authentic polished concrete aesthetic.
Microtopping® can be applied to a variety of surfaces due to its inherent flexible properties, and this makes it a popular choice for Architects, designers developers and homeowners alike.
Whatever part of your project, Microtopping® will create a unique and beautiful aesthetic. A frequent choice for Walls, floors, furniture, splashbacks and much more.



Polished Concrete Aesthetic in under 4mm

The Microtopping® system is applied professionally by using hand trowels and specialist tools only.
A wide range of styles and aesthetics are possible with Microtopping® from smooth to textured, homogenous to variegated, as well as a range of colour choices makes this finish unique and individual to our clients requirements.
Options to incorporate stencils, metal trims as well as acid staining are available to create truly unique special effects.

Bring your creative vision to life with this incredibly versatile product. Whether it’s a modern, rustic or historic environment, Microtopping® can be used as a stand alone feature or as an elegant background to harmonise other architectural elements. With the correct preparation, Microtopping® can be applied to almost any surface (substrate) and is a popular choice for design professionals, developers and homeowners.



Microtopping colours, the aesthetic cement that hasn’t any limits!

Due to the extensive Colour Pack-C pigments offered by Ideal Work, It is achievable to mix a multitude of colour combinations for the microcement.

The pigment strength and shade will differ depending on the volume of product diluted into the powder and the classification (Light or dark) of the Microtopping used.

It is feasible to achieve a shiny, murky or acidified visuals. Create velvets and embellishing inserts for a distinctive and personal finish with an impacted yet elegant aesthetic.

Why Choose Microtopping?

Minimal Demolition

Can be applied over most existing surfaces without the need for them to be removed.

Minimal Depth

Minimal thickness means little change in existing level, enabling retention of existing skirting, door frames, etc.

No joins

Can be applied seamlessly, without interuption, depending on the existing surface.


Provides a harmonious, continuous aesthetic between floors and walls.

Custom finishes

Bespoke colours and a variety of hand finished aesthetics can be achieved.
How does Microtopping® compare to a concrete floor in terms of hardness?

Microtopping® is a thin overlay, approximately 2-3mm thick, that gains its strength from the underlying substrate. It is comparable to a wooden floor in terms of wear and tear, such as the possibility of dents and scratches. As long as the substrate meets the minimum surface strength requirement of 25N/mm2, which is typically fulfilled by materials like concrete, tiles, sand and cement screed, Microtopping® can provide a durable flooring solution.

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