Transform new and existing surfaces to create polished concrete, terrazzo, acid-staining, or metallic finishes that flawlessly traverse from floor to wall.

Discover your space’s design potential with the world’s most innovative and versatile concrete finish in as little as 3mm.

Conceived and developed in Italy, Ideal Work’s range of micro cement finishes seamlessly blend ancient with modern, the natural environment with the urban, to find the sweet spot between technical performance and creativity.


Opus Bathrooms are approved installers of Ideal Works products and techniques

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Seamless Transition

Beautifully modern and tactile as well as unrivalled versatility, it’s the complete solution to give any environment the perfect look. Designed to be applied seamlessly to achieve a luxurious finish that is durable and easy to maintain.






Unrepeatable Beauty

A surface offering the individual touch of a hand-applied finish, only achieved by true artisan craftsmen and quality materials. Every Microtopping finish is unique, a perfect choice for any project to bring an individual aesthetic, combining a little piece of each professional involved in the creative process.

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Focus on Sustainability

Committed to the sustainability of its systems and the responsibility it bears toward future generations, Ideal Work has achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification

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