Luxury Gold & Marble Master Ensuite

Master Ensuite & Family bathroom Hassocks

Opulent luxury wet-room bathroom installed in Hassocks. A harmonious symphony of design elements meticulously crafted to create an unrivaled sanctuary of sophistication. The pièce de résistance of this indulgent space is the captivating feature brick wall, bestowing an air of rustic elegance upon the room.

At the heart of this lavish retreat lies a large freestanding stone bath, a masterpiece of craftsmanship that beckons you to surrender to moments of tranquility. The stone bath, with its organic contours and smooth surface, epitomizes luxury, offering a timeless and indulgent escape from the everyday.

Lusso_stone_freestanding_bath_with_gold_bath_tap  The flooring, an expanse of large marble tiles, forms a canvas of understated grandeur. Paired with hexagon wall tiles, the floor and walls blend classic and contemporary styles seamlessly, creating a visual tapestry that adds depth to the room. The cool touch of marble underfoot enhances the feeling of luxury, while the hexagon tiles add a touch of modern geometric allure.

The double vanity unit, a bespoke creation painted in The Little Greene Companies Puck Green, stands as a testament to individuality and style. The rich hue of Puck Green transforms the vanity into a statement piece, harmonising effortlessly with the surrounding elements. The satin finish of the paint enhances the tactile quality of the unit, creating a visual and sensory experience.

Adding a touch of modern innovation to this luxurious wetroom is the custom linear wall drain, meticulously crafted by our in-house installation team. This bespoke drain seamlessly integrates into the design, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic coherence. The drain, with its custom design, becomes an understated yet essential element that contributes to the overall sense of luxury and refinement.

As the natural light filters through the space, every detail of this luxury wetroom bathroom is brought to life. The interplay of textures, colors, and bespoke craftsmanship culminates in a haven that transcends the ordinary. Each moment spent within this sanctuary is an homage to the art of design, where the feature brick wall, large freestanding stone bath, marble and hexagon tiles, Little Greene’s Puck Green vanity, and the custom Opus drain converge to create an unparalleled experience of luxury and tranquility.

The family bathroom

This bathroom exudes elegance and sophistication with its white gloss ceramic tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern, creating a stunning visual effect on the walls. The centerpiece, a freestanding bath, invites relaxation and luxury.acrylic-bath-walk-in-shower

The Duck egg Blue double vanity unit offers ample space and functionality, perfect for a busy family. Complementing the sleek design, the patterned floor tiles add a touch of character and charm, tying the room together beautifully.

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